[sword-devel] Locked modules for beta testing

chrislit at crosswire.org chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Sep 27 17:06:25 MST 2004

>From time to time, we make commercial content available for testing, when 
we are readying a new release for sale.  Nothing is currently in testing. 
Nothing is currently available to anyone other than what is visible on the 
public download page.

We'll probably get the beta modules downloads back online soon, which add 
a few more experimental modules and modules that use features not yet 
available in the released versions of Sword.  However, if you're asking 
for locked modules, it is unlikely that you will find anything of interest 
in the beta modules.

On Sun, 26 Sep 2004, Pastor Ed B wrote:

> Hey, Joachim, thanks for answering my question.
> However, your answer:
>> We're sorry, but the locked modules can't be obtained for testing.
> begs another question (or two):
> 1) if the locked modules can't be obtained for testing, why do they exist?

What locked modules? I don't see any locked modules. (Seriously, nothing 
is available that you can't already get. There are no hidden downloads. 
Please don't try to find them. (Really... this is not a hint to finding 
something hidden. I just get annoyed at having to go through an clean up 
after the module download scripts create empty ZIPs because people think 
they're being clever and have found something we've tried to hide. There's 
nothing there folks.))

> 2) if they exist, then *someone* had to make them in the first place, in 
> violation of copyright law. Why was this done?

Or: Why were you asking for modules you thought were a violation of 
copyright law?


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