[sword-devel] New bug tracking system

Joe Walker joseph.walker at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 01:40:50 MST 2004


Troy and I have setup a new bug tracking system on Crosswire:


It is an installation of Jira which is commercial but free to some OSS
projects and way better than Bugzilla from the testing we did in

Troy has set projects up for the C++ side:
- BibleCS
- QPSword
- SwordReader
- SwordWeb

And I've done similar for the Java/J-Sword side.

I've attached a .zip that Atlassian (the makers of Jira) sent me with
the following:

> Thank you for choosing Atlassian to assist in your open source efforts. If
> you would like to acknowledge our contribution (as a corporate sponsor, for
> example) I have attached a zip file containing images, a URL and some
> company text which will assist in doing so. Your are under no obligation to
> do this of course. You can help us spread the word about JIRA just by
> telling your friends and colleagues too
> Good luck with your open source project!
> Cheers,
> Mandy Farquhar 

Given that they've given us several thousand pounds worth of software,
support and maintenence for free this doesn't sound like too much to

Troy has spend a good deal of time sorting out the database so he
deserves our thanks for that.

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