[sword-devel] christian student would like to have the qur'an module

Dan Bertles sword at bertles.com
Fri Oct 15 05:15:46 MST 2004

I have two versions of the Quran on my sword software.  I would be more
than happy to e-mail them to you.  I'm not sure if it is true that they
are no longer available, but the ones I have I'm sure are public domain.

Let me know if you want me to e-mail them directly to you.  They are
500K+ in size each.


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I am a Christian student of Theologie and my major is Islam at the 
moment. For studying Islam it would be very helpful for me if I could 
use the English or German Qur'an translation in Bibletime. Since I can't

find this modules in the beta-section I would be very glad if someone 
could send me a working link (or directly the modules).

Tobias Niwi

I know that several people here are not glad about the idea to have a 
Qur'an translation in a Christian software product. However, for 
Christians who are studying Islam for academic reasons this would be 
very useful. The Qur'an is very often refering to Biblical narratives 
and because of this it makes sense to have both texts in one program.

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