[sword-devel] Re: christian student would like to have the qur'an module

Tobias Niwi niwi-hh at gmx.de
Thu Oct 14 16:22:02 MST 2004

Gilles Boudreau wrote:
> Hi Tobias, just to let you know that I have the Koram in one of my bible 
> program . It is the Online Bible Edition version 1.42.01. It is not 
> free  unfortunately but for around $30 you could buy it.
> www.onlinebible.com <http://www.onlinebible.com>

Thanks for informing me. The problem is that Online Bible is not avaible 
for Linux. And I also like Bibletime. Another thing is that Sword has 
some nice (beta) texts, Online Bible doesn't have, like the polish Bible 


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