[sword-devel] CD Brochure to Include Sword Projects

Don Parris evangelinux at matheteuo.org
Tue Nov 23 19:05:41 MST 2004

Greetings all,

I just want to announce that I am putting together a "brochure" on CD that will contain a website with information pertaining to Christian FOSS projects, and also actual programs from the Sword Project and others.  The website is geared toward Christians in general, but churches and other ministries as well.  It is designed to introduce the uninitiated to the world of FOSS, and in particular, Christian FOSS.  I plan to create folders containing programs for each of the major OSes (and think I should include PDA projects if I have room.  The idea is to make this stuff available to folks who may have computers, but don't have broadband (or even Internet access).

Many people still do not know that FOSS exists, what FOSS is, etc., etc.  So I am seeking to educate churche via 1/2-day seminars to discuss various aspects of FOSS.  I hope to explain the implications of FOSS for the Church, demonstrate how FOSS can benefit the church, and help people get started in their FOSS journeys.  I have about seven computers that I can use to demonstrate FOSS technology, so anyone in the Carolinas, who wants to help out, or who desires a seminar in your area, let me know.  This outreach ministry is currently referred to as "OS Grace".

Ben Thorp has agreed to host an ISO on The Freely Project, and I will offer the CD's at seminars I hope to present to introduce churches to FOSS.  With the ISO available, believers around the globe can download it, burn CD's themselves, and pass them out locally.  Thus, anyone with the desire can begin to perform an outreach ministry in your local area.  You may need to team up with a local LUG, or a business that works with FOSS.  I have  a local Novell Solutions provider willing to assist me with my demos.  

I am keeping a fairly up-to-date copy of the brochure itself at matheteuo.org.  I have yet to put up the new version, but it will be out soon.  My brochure has some weaknesses, as I am not always good at presenting my thoughts - hence my need for editorial input.  Project leaders can probably characterize their projects and goals better than I can.  I therefore encourage project leaders to provide a single paragraph characterizing their project, so I may include it in the Links page or software page.  Please understand that if your project isn't mentioned on the front page, it's not because it isn't important.  I'm including all of the projects I can in the appropriate places.

I want the Sword community to be aware of its inclusion in our outreach efforts.  I hope everyone will be thrilled with the effort.

God bless,
Don Parris
DC Parris  GNU Evangelist
evangelinux at matheteuo.org

Free software is like God's love - you can share it with anyone anywhere anytime!

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