[sword-devel] Module Status

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Tue Nov 23 09:46:47 MST 2004

> On a side note, I'm interested in helping out with the SWORD API,
> or module making.  Does anyone have any specific tasks they need
help with?

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the CrossWire Bible Society!

A possible task: building an osis module out of a "Sharing Bible" for
xml-fop generation

Regarding the sword-api: in late 2003, I went through the "learning
curve" for rebuilding BibleCS using CBuilder6. If it would be helpful,
I can share some links and TWiki hints/shortcuts. My understanding is
that there have been a number of improvements in the documentation and
project files, so it isn't the daunting endeavor it used to be.

Something you might consider getting involved in ... the LcdBible
"frontend". One of its objectives is to provide a "newbie friendly"
development environment which might simplify the "learning curve" for
subsequently participating in The SWORD Project development. It uses
an "experimental plug-in subset" of the vastly comprehensive

Here is a link to an earlier post, "Recruiting volunteers to help with
LcdBible project":

and a webpage link:

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