[sword-devel] qpsword status?

Dan Williams drw392772 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 17 15:39:09 MST 2004

--- Peter Chubb <peterc at gelato.unsw.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
>    The version of qpsword on the website (0.5.2) is
> very old, and
> doesn't work very well (with the new KJV, for
> example, most of 1John
> isn't displayed -- from chapter 2 following).
> Is there a more recent version available?
> I tried to compile the source as a start, but ran
> into namespace
> problems with current compilers.  There was a
> message from Troy back
> in September '03, saying that 0.5.3 was available,
> but nothing since
> then ( and the CVS repositories mentioned in that
> email appear no
> longer to be available)

I don't know about qpsword, but there is available
another app, which I wrote, for PDA's running Opie,
called Dagger. It probably would run on Qtopia if the
appropriate Opie libs are installed as well.  It and
sword are available in the feed for the current
version of OpenZaurus (3.5.1) for Sharp Zaurus PDA's
and will be available in the next version of Familiar
linux (0.8) for iPaqs.  It works fine with the new

I've been meaning to put up a webpage for Dagger and
make a formal announcement about it, but just haven't
gotten around to it yet.

Dan 'drw' Williams

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