[sword-devel] How to add EndOfLine character in imp module

Krzys i Iwonka krzysiwonka at interia.pl
Tue Nov 16 07:37:15 MST 2004

Hello, I'm trying to create new module with Psalms only. There are all translated like poems with rhytm and rhymes, so it is important to save all EndOfLine characters. I'm using imp format because it is easy :)

I found that when I'm putting two EOLs in the middle of verse one of them is remaining after importing module with imp2vs.exe and everything works fine. But unfortunately this method doesn't work when I need EOL just before beginning of new verse. 

Have you any idea how to manage this?

I could start with OSIS also, but unfortunately I dont have constant access to internet. Is there somewhere OSIS validator accessible?

Thank you

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