[sword-devel] Re: [sword-support] Letter from Macedonia

anthony kerr anton_kylie at pacific.net.au
Thu Nov 4 01:19:10 MST 2004

Hello and greetings in the name of the Lord

Has anyone responded to you yet? If not send me a reply and we will coordinate 
the addition of the module. Do you have copyright permission to distribute 
this module?

Sword is a not for profit and run by volunteers, and so we welcome all new 

in Christ
anthony kerr

On Tue, 2 Nov 2004 06:28 pm, vuletic wrote:
> Dear Sword Staff,
> I am a pastor from Skopje, the Republic of Macedonia. I just installed
> Macsword on my Mac computer and I am very glad that I can have a free Bible
> software. May God bless you. One of my question would be if there is any
> possibility that we as evangelical pastors can send you a Macedonia NT in
> modern language which is called the Macedonian standard version. That
> version is made in cooperation with almost all evangelical churches in
> Macedonia. What would be the format you would need to be send. PC, Mac, PDF
> or Word, with or without fonts... I would be glad if I could have the
> Macedonian translation of the Whole Bible in Macsword.
> Thank you again an God bless you.
> Pastor Vuletic

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