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Mon Jun 28 09:45:46 MST 2004

On Friday 25 June 2004 03:22 am, Chris Little wrote:
> Search the archives for the last time I answered this.  Short recap:
> we're also maintaining project files for BCB, I don't have time ATM to
> get the files into shape for submission to ICU, and they probably would
> not be interested in all of them.

Actually, my question, which apparently you did not have time to read very 
carefully mentioned the project files. I understand what the differences are 
between the official ICU distribution and our sword-icu (or is it icu-sword I 
can never remember). What I don't understand is why we maintain a separate 
copy of ICU rather than submitting those files. OK, you don't have time 
that's fine. I do. Point me at the docs and I'll get them into shape myself. 
And so they probably won't accept all of them big deal. Is it really a great 
loss if they won't accept the Tengwar transliterator? I mean really is there 
a great need for people to read the Bible in elvish letters? Why must we have 
an all or none attitude?

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