[sword-devel] Other Bible versions

Richard Gray richard at bluesheep.me.uk
Sun Jun 27 14:52:28 MST 2004

(Sorry Mr. moderator, I sent from the wrong address :) )


I'm new to the list, and I had a couple of questions about some bible versions 
that aren't listed.

I saw on the e-sword site that the American Bible Society licensed both the Good 
News (TEV) and CEV versions to them for free release. I mailed the American 
Bible Society to ask them about getting more general release privileges, but 
have yet to hear anything back. They do have a toll-free number you can call, 
but I live in the UK, so its not actually toll-free for me :)

Interestingly, the e-sword program does not provide any licensing information 
for any of the bibles in its list. So either they are free enough that you could 
legitimately copy the scriptures from the e-sword format to whatever format is 
currently used by this project, or the guy at e-sword would not seem to be 
distributing licenses (which I thought you would have to do?).

On a slightly different note, my current understanding of these things is that 
if we in our church have copies of a particular version of the bible, then I am 
within my rights to hold a digital copy of the same, for use in services etc 
(obviously satisfying whatever current copying conditions apply). Am I way off 
the mark on this one?

Finally, I'm a programmer, I'd like to help, is there anything that I can do, or 
stuff that I should read to see if I can get involved?



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