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Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Jun 25 15:14:09 MST 2004

It's possible to use the official packages and add the additional 
transliterators without any recompilation, thanks to some work Daniel 
did a couple of years ago.


Martin Gruner wrote:

> At present, BibleTime has dropped icu support, because the official packages 
> are not supported. We can't force users to install a home-made package of a 
> software they already have installed.   :(
> The new StringMgr erased the need for icu for us; though we can't offer the 
> transliteration filters any more...
> mg
> Am Freitag, 25. Juni 2004 09:22 schrieb Chris Little:
>>Search the archives for the last time I answered this.  Short recap:
>>we're also maintaining project files for BCB, I don't have time ATM to
>>get the files into shape for submission to ICU, and they probably would
>>not be interested in all of them.
>>David's Mailing List and Spam Receiver wrote:
>>>Ok, here's a question I had a while ago. Why are we maintaining a
>>>completely separate tree of icu if all we're doing is adding some project
>>>files and transliterators. Wouldn't it make sense to submit those files
>>>to the ICU project so that an out of the box ICU will do what we need? I
>>>mean surely other people could make use of most of our transliterators.
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