[sword-devel] Korean translation

Kim Hanjo hanjo at hanjo.pe.kr
Mon Jun 21 23:39:38 MST 2004


I uploaded 3 files, uilocale.d/ko.conf, locale.d/ko.conf,
locale.d/ko_abbrev.conf, in my homepage.
You can find them on below;
Due to the duplication in file name, I renamed the file names.

Actually, I edited the german file de.conf etc. to make these files.
Everything looks well in Korean, but items on option menu except
Option->Preferences are displayed in english on my system.
I don't know how to solve this problem.

Any suggestion, please.

Hanjo Kim
mail to hanjo_at_hanjo.pe.kr
homepage : http://www.hanjo.pe.kr (in Korean...)

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