[sword-devel] New Modules (front-end developers: please read)

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Tue Jun 15 04:51:30 MST 2004

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Hi Chris,
thanks for working on the module updates.

> In particular, verse tags are included within each verse.  This means
> you can render verse numbers on the basis of markup contained in the
> text rather than on Sword's hardcoded verse numbers.  The AB module, for
> example, includes many verses beyond the last verse of a chapter.  If
> you simply ignore the verse tags, these will just look like you've
> concatenated the extra verses to the last verse (which is technically
> what has happened).  But if you render verse numbers on the basis of
> verse tags, you can simulate alternate versifications to a limited
> degree (as long as they don't cross chapter boundaries--see Ps.150/151
> in the AB for an example where this doesn't work).

I think maintaining OSIS markup is good. But I also see some problems here.

It's already hard to maintain own filters to make sure it looks right in all 
modules we have in the download section. If we add another subtype of module 
markup (OSIS + verse tags) all frontends need to keep that working that, too.
To get alternate versification we should do it with the stuff Daniel is 
preparing and not using another hack to enable alternate versification. 
Versification belongs into the SWModule derived classes and not into the 
render filters.

IMHO the best would be to be standards compliant with the (even internal) 
module markup and supporting only one solution for versification. There are 
some many hacks in Sword which are not documented and which frontend 
developers have to know.

As usual I may be wrong :)

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