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Leandro Guimaraens Faria Corcete Dutra leandro at dutra.fastmail.fm
Sat Jun 5 11:46:56 MST 2004

Em Fri, 04 Jun 2004 17:23:37 -0700, Chris Little escreveu:

> Can you explain your actual process and detail some of the corrections a 
> little more specifically.

	Since I could not find the source file for the PorAA module, I
took the Unbound Bible file -- I think I talked about this here a few
weeks ago.

	Someone -- I forgot who, but thank you anyway! -- told me
about an Unbound-to-OSIS converter, which I gladly used.

	The verse endings were probably taken care by the conversion
itself, but there were several ortographical errors.  For example, Gn
XLIV:22 says 'a minha taça de prata porãs na boca do saco do mais
novo' -- since porãs is not a word in any language I know, certainly
not in Portuguese, it is obviously it is 'porás', meaning 'thou shalt
put'.  I do know the text and it does say 'porás', I just explained it
this way to show it is not a variant but a typo.

	There were some others I found, like phrases beginning with
lower case... I would have to do a diff since it was a few weeks ago,
I am not at my main computer this weekend and I don't have a route to
it.  If you are really interested I can make a diff later in the week,
I'm moving, buying furniture etc so it will be a frantic month for me.

	I really should revise everything.  It would be nice to
compare it to some other source to the same text, but it is not clear
exactly which is the version -- there are several Brazilian João
Ferreira de Almeira Atualizadas: the original Atualizada, the
all-popular Revista e Atualizada, the latter's second edition, and
probably at least one European one.  All of them are quite similar,
since it was a good text to start with so that changes are not that
big, and even the Brazilian texts are not that different from the
European ones since the Atualizada is 'Lusitanisante' -- meaning,
trying to follow the European language innovations instead of sticking
to the more conservative Brazilian usage.

	I can probably decide which text is that by comparision, but I
do not have all Atualizadas -- I prefer the Corrigidas myself, am
short on money to build my library right now, there are no Evangelical
libraries nearby I know and being on the move don't have a pastor or
theologian nearby to help... it will probably be easier in two or
three months time.

	Other things I could do is reading the whole thing -- I would
probably want to typeset it first, since reading on the screen is so
inefficient for revisions, and my mother who is a professional revisor
don't have the time ($$$) to donate to this otherwise worthwhile
project.  If I fail to find another electronic version for automatic
comparision, I will probably first use a spellchecker first -- a
daunting task since Portuguese electronic ortographic vocabularies
like ispell's are not nearly complete enough, specially for obsolete
words like those found in Almeida -- and later try to typeset it.  I
really now nothing about typesetting myself, will probably try to
learn LyX or LaTeX2e enough to cajole them into doing my bidding.

> My understanding was that the document I posted
> (http://www.crosswire.org/~chrislit/downloads/Bible.pt.AA.osis.zip)
> was completely corrected

	Didn't knew about this, did you inform the list?  Perhaps I
overlooked the post...

	Anyway I checked it, the file format is OK but the typos are
still there.

> and just needed some updates to mod2osis (which I 
> committed yesterday, coincindentally).

	What for?  Versification issues?

>> 	So now what should I do with the corrected module?  Send by
>> email, put at some public server?  I don't have a suitable server
>> myself...
> You can send your source file (an OSIS document or IMP file

	Will do Monday when I get back to my computer.  BTW what is an
IMP file?

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