[sword-devel] thml2gbs, xml2gbs missing in my installation

Benedykt P. Barszcz kb2qzv at poczta.wp.pl
Sat Jun 5 03:01:22 MST 2004

I can't find the executables mentioned in the title of this message.
I've got these: mod2imp, mod2osis,mod2vpl, mod2zmod, imp2ld, imp2vs

ls utilities/
addcomment.cpp   CVS             kylixmake      mod2zmod2.cpp  thml2gbs.cpp
addgb.cpp        diatheke        lexdump.c      mod2zmod.cpp   txt2sword.cpp
addld.cpp        emptyvss.cpp    Makefile.am    modwrite.cpp   vpl2mod.cpp
addvs.cpp        gbfidx.cpp      Makefile.in    no13.c         vpl2zmod2.cpp
bcppmake         imp2gbs.cpp     mkfastmod.cpp  osis2mod.cpp 
cipherraw.cpp    imp2ld.cpp      mod2imp.cpp    perl           xml2gbs.cpp
ciphertest2.cpp  imp2vs.cpp      mod2osis.cpp   step2vpl.cpp
ciphertest.cpp   installmgr.cpp  mod2vpl.cpp    stepdump.cpp

I have installed sword from CVS on Fedora Core 2 so I guess this is 
version 1.5.8.

Any hinsts how to make them compile and install?

Thanks for any answers to this.

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