[sword-devel] Using SWORD from OpenOffice.org - just a thought

Lynn Allan paracletos at adelphia.net
Wed Jun 2 14:24:09 MST 2004

Hi Andy et'al,

At one point some months back, the ActiveDiatheke was working again ... it
had been "broken" ... then some fixes to the project dsp/dsw and #defines
were cleaned up in CVS, then it was broken again ... may be fixed now???

In addition to the VB based test program that used the ActiveDiatheke
object, there is a TestActiveDiatheke Visual C++ project that could be made
available. I don't think it is in CVS. I can arrange to upload it to
SourceForge, if appropriate.

Also, one of the sub-goals of the LcdBible project is to eventually
implement COM automation using the "experimental plug-in subset" of the

For His glory and honor,
Lynn A.
paraclete at bibleinverse.org

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> > I had been hoping it would just die and disappear, as a project.
> ;)
> mg
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