[sword-devel] Using SWORD from OpenOffice.org - just a thought

Tim Stebbing tim.stebbing at nunatak.com.au
Tue Jun 1 18:42:58 MST 2004

Andy Piper wrote:

>I have a cunning plan.
>Well, I like to think it is rather neat, but unfortunately as
>yet I can't implement it, and maybe it is a rather vague notion
>which is actually not of any use to anyone.
>Lots of churches use presentation software. I know that mine
>does, PowerPoint in that case, but I'm hoping to convert them
>to Linux + OOo at some point.
>Wouldn't it be neat if, when the pastor mentioned a Bible
>passage, the reference could be quickly typed in and e.g. OOo
>Impress formatted the passage and displayed it?
>It is equally useful if we can just type in the Bible reference
>in Writer and get the verse on the page.
>I've been trying to get an OOo macro to call the lookup program
>or diatheke to get references, but this isn't working at
>present since there doesn't seem to be any way to get data back
>from the shell command. I guess I can understand why, from a
>security perspective. I also can't seem to get the data put
>into a temp file on disk and read in that way.
>I've seen reference on these lists to VBA macros for SWORD but
>I don't know where to find them or whether they are relevant.
>One for the ideas collection, maybe...
I'm currently writing a small web-app in my spare time using sword via 
python, I've wrapped the sword swig API in a higher level more 
'pythonic' set of classes. At work I'm investigating python and PyUno, 
the OOo python bridge to tie our CMS into OOo, I don't see that it would 
be to difficult to marry both concepts and atchieve your goal, google 
for pyUNO, or <insert your fav language here>UNO, you will probably find 
a language with both UNO and sword support that your familiar with.

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