[sword-devel] greek modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 24 19:00:21 MST 2004

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, anthony kerr wrote:

> So I am prepared over the coming months to edit it with a fine tooth comb.
> To that end I have now scanned into my computer all of the 1898 edition of the 
> Westcott Hort "The New Testament in the Original Greek", which is a 
> reprinting of the 1885 edition. But it occurred to me that there were later 
> editions (e.g. 1907) and perhaps I should be using that edition. What do you 
> think?

Since you already have the text scanned, you might think of getting Harry 
at CCEL to put your text online in their distributed editing interface.  
It might attract others to help you.  But I don't know how well they are 
set up to do editing of Greek text.

I can't really give you advice about which edition to pick.  Are there
reasons to suspect one edition is more of a classic than others?  Or are
the subsequent editions essentially corrections of the previous?  As long
as they are public domain, I would probably go with later editions.
> Also I can export the module using mod2imp, but can I edit the file mod2imp 
> creates directly and then turn it into a module again?

I don't know what format the module came from, but it would probably be 
ideal to get the source document that was imported to Sword.  When that is 
not possible, yes, mod2imp produces a file that can be edited and 
re-imported with imp2mod.


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