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Alexander Sverdlov sverdlov at hacker.bg
Wed Jul 21 05:55:50 MST 2004

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> David
> I am not a hebrew expert, but am studying Hebrew in 2nd year of college.
> Using Bibletime CVS, and in fact most KDE apps since a recent upgrade, and
> using SIL Ezra unicode Font my Hebrew Module shows final kaf perfectly.
> I put a small screen shot up on my server at
> http://www.jesuscentral.net/images/snapshot1.jpg - this is the latest
> module WLC.
> I think the trick was QT being able to read the OpenType features of the
> Ezra font. I think that most people who do Hebrew are sticklers for
> (you have to be to get all the pointing right) therefore it would be best
> encode things correctly and let the window managers sort it out. That is
> perspective anyway, for what its worth.
> I am not really in the right frame of mind to fully follow all of the
> codepoint stuff at the moment because my wife gave birth to our first
> yesterday and God has blessed with a lovely little daughter.
> But feel free to email me in the next few days if what I said above isn't
> any help.
> in Christ
> anthony kerr

God bless your daughter!

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