[sword-devel] New Modules (front-end developers: please read)

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Wed Jul 21 01:29:45 MST 2004

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I was working on a new module anf run into trouble with your new module.
The module has titles so I think osis2mod put the title tag into each verse 
followed by the verse tag.

My problem: That is nowhere supported atm.
If I want to implement this in BibleTime I need to know if the module includes 
the <verse> tags in the text itself or if it's a module prepared in the old 
I need this because BibleTime now has to care for two different ways to render 
verses. Just adding the HTML code for the verse tag would result in a mess 
because we'd get nested verses and the like.

Basically I think we shouldn't add a new way to store/render verses because 
the new modules prepared this way do not work properly in all existing 
frontends. There's even no windows version supporting this atm.

We have to agree on a way to render and drop the support for the other one 
Otherwise Sword will get messed up with stuff which is nowhere documented but 
still required. Developing a frontend which supports all modules and all 
rendering types is an adventure :)

Don't get me wrong, I think the new way is better than the old one but we 
shouldn't have one more way to have markup in the modules.

> In particular, verse tags are included within each verse.  This means
> you can render verse numbers on the basis of markup contained in the
> text rather than on Sword's hardcoded verse numbers.

This makes it almost impossible to render bibles in a parallel view. We need 
support in the API for alternate versification.

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