[sword-devel] NASB Lexicons & OSIS

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 17 20:55:36 MST 2004

David wrote:

> I am working on the NASB Lexicons, the lexicons have multiple entries for some
> on the numbers. (112a. 112b.)
> In order to keep the NASB Lexicons sync'ed with the Strong's lexicons, and so
> that Sword should be able to pull up the entry in pop-ups without modifying any
> code I combined the entries.
> 112
> 112a.
> 112b.

If the main entries make reference to the sub-entries, it might be good 
to keep separate entries for each.  But I think it would also be 
reasonable to use <div type="entry"> to contain the whole set 
(112+112a+112b) and to use <div type="section"> (or some other 
appropriate div type) to contain each of the two sub-entries separately 
(112a & 112b).

> The problem that I am having is that when a font size other than the default
> size is used only the first entry (112a. for example) is displayed in the
> correct size, other entries use the default font size.

This is probably a bug in one of the markup filters.  As long as the 
module itself is expressed in valid OSIS, we will fix the software to 
display it correctly.

> I am using </p> to create the line breaks between the entries.

Using empty containers (i.e. <p></p>) would not be conformant OSIS.  You 
can put the sub entries within paragraphs inside of <div> elements, 
which should achieve your desired rendering.

There is also an <lb/> element, that represents a linebreak.  But this 
is highly discouraged and would not be appropriate for this document.


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