[sword-devel] greek accents under windows - does it work?

ingo7 ingo7 at wp.pl
Wed Jul 14 06:13:17 MST 2004


there is NA26-UBS3 greek New Tetament module at
http://acn.waw.pl/biblia/sword/downloads/na26-ubs3.raw.zip , prepared by
Richard Horlings ( or /na26-ubs3.zip with windows installer).

How to switch on greek accents under windows? (other greek modules don't
use accents)
When I switch on options>greek accents>ON, instead of accented greek I
have square symbols.

Does anybody know if this option works under windoze? 
Maybe there is a special greek font?

Or maybe the module is not perfect?

TIA for reply.

In Christ,

Wojciech Bartminski

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