[sword-devel] CD distribution improvement

Kahunapule Michael P. Johnson Kahunapule at mpj.cx
Sun Jul 11 14:18:52 MST 2004

At 12:15 11-07-04, you wrote:
>I think it might be worthwhile offloading the job of distribution to 
>somewhere like http://www.swiftcd.com/ who could do the same job. The 
>disadvantage is that users will be charged for a bit more money (about 
>$4), but I think that for most this would still be a small payment. The 
>advantages are many, it removes the burden from the sword project, we 
>don't have to deal in money, the cds can be nicely labelled and could 
>come with an insert with instructions, international shipping is easily 
>handled, payment can be handled over the web or in other ways, and 
>users will get their cds in a timely way.

I think that is a great idea... even if it is done in parallel to the volunteer distribution.

(who is still waiting for a CD I asked for about a year ago)

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