[sword-devel] WinCE Search Engine

Johan Gorter j.gorter at student.utwente.nl
Mon Jul 5 00:15:53 MST 2004

Hi Dan,
I have not been working on the project for a while. The latest version that
I checked in, has the search functionality. You can check it out of the CVS
and compile it. This version still needs some more cleaning up, but I have
not gotten around to it.


From: Dan Bertles [mailto:sword at bertles.com] 
Sent: zaterdag 3 juli 2004 23:24
To: 'Sword Development [sword-devel]'
Subject: [sword-devel] WinCE Search Engine

Just wondering if I missed it.  Is there further development going on
regarding adding the search component to the WinCE version of Sword?


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