[sword-devel] Checking on "Fair Use" by individuals ofproprietary Bible texts

Ingo ingo7 at wp.pl
Fri Jul 2 13:05:44 MST 2004

I don't know if it's fair to "digitize" printed Bibles into sword
modules for personal use. But I know what are copyright holders afraid

In one post (one of polish christian forums) I can read "I have sword
module with PBT prepared by myself within 2 days - I can change it for
Bible Society version". 

In Christ,


W liście z pią, 02-07-2004, godz. 21:43, Lynn Allan pisze: 
> Hi Jerry et'al,
> Thanks for the feedback ... sounds reasonable
> I've got purchased hard-copy and/or paid-for digital versions of:
> NIV (hard copy and also via Bible Explorer 2.0 @ $100 ... ouch)
> LB (Living Bible via Bible Explorer 2.0)
> NET (New English Translation via Bible Explorer 2.0)
> NKJV hardcopy
> NASB hardcopy
> NLT (via Bible Explorer 2.0)
> NIrV hardcopy (Reader's version ... grade school level ... imho excellent)
> TNIV-NT hardcopy
> TEV hardcopy ($1 at a library book sale?)
> >From what you describe, it appears that I'd probably be ethically/legally ok
> with converting NIV, LB, NET, and NLT for personal use, but iffy for NKJV,
> NASB, NIrV, TNIV, and TEV.
> >> Jerry
> I Am Not A Lawyer + ??????
> Curious what the NDIPOOTV stands for???
> Nor Do I Pretend + OOTV???
> Nor do I play one on TV?
> Lynn A.

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