[sword-devel] Checking on "Fair Use" by individuals of proprietary Bible texts

Lynn Allan l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Fri Jul 2 09:23:36 MST 2004

I would appreciate feedback on what entails "Fair Use" by individuals of
proprietary Bible texts.

For purposes of discussion, let's say I somehow have access to the texts of
the NIV, NKJV, and/or ESV. This might be through the Internet, Bible
Explorer, e-Sword, etc.

Is it ethical / legal for me as an individual to prepare these texts into
the 31,102 KJV versification format and then, for strictly personal  use,
incorporate for usage with something like LcdBible/BerBible or BibleCs?

I've not proposing distribution to anyone, but strictly for personal use on
my own computer. The above preparation would possibly be quite tedious and
error-prone, but seems quite do-able, given the time and motivation. Does
the above fall within the understood doctrine(s) of "Fair Use" of
copyrighted material by individuals for personal use?

If so, how about the "next step": to provide detailed information about how
to accomplish the above?

If so, how about the "next step": to provide utility software to accomplish
the above?

For His glory and honor,
Lynn A.

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