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Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Jul 1 13:38:35 MST 2004

I would say you can go ahead and contact BSF if you want, but a couple of 
things have changed since that mail went out.  The main change being our 
adoption of OSIS.  I have an OSIS version of NET at some stage of 
completion and can get that done in the next few weeks.  However, we would 
no longer do two separate modules for text & notes.  And it is not 
currently possible to encipher portions of a module (e.g. just the notes).  
So they would probably need to give away a stripped NET and sell a full 
version, rather than giving away the text & selling the notes.

Also, I don't know the feelings of others with regard to third party 
distribution of modules.  In cases where they're just distributing one 
module, especially, I think it's a bit of a disservice to our users since 
they could not use InstallMgr for installation and updating as 
conveniently as it is at the moment with a single download site.


On Thu, 1 Jul 2004, William Thimbleby wrote:

> I was talking to David Puranen about the NET translation, and he knew 
> some of the people involved in the NET translation. This is what he 
> just emailed me:
> > Hey, you know how we were talking about the NET translation?  Well 
> > turns out they really want to get it out for free software things :)
> >
> > The guy to talk to's e-mail is daustin at bible.org :)
> >
> > I believe someone actually said in the e-mail convo you gave me that 
> > they HAD made a NET module, so I imagine they're not that difficult to 
> > put together.  Since I think it might have been updated since then who 
> > knows.  But they certainly want to see it go through.  :)
> Looking at the mailing list archives this is what I had found about the 
> NET bible:
> > > I don't believe that the net bible is gnu, or public domain.
> > > I believe there is a copywrite on it.
> >
> >
> > Yup.  NET is not PD.  It's not available for non-commercial
> > distribution.  As far as licensing goes, it's at least as restrictive 
> > as
> > any other text I know of.  There are I believe only two software
> > packages being allowed to license the text (Logos & OliveTree) and
> > you're not allowed to copy the text from their webpage to post on your
> > own webpage.
> >
> > >       I recieved a e-mail message from someone asking about
> > > why we don't have the
> > > NET Bible as a module. It is distributed for free from
> > > www.netbible.org in
> > > html format. Is it just the fact that it would take too much time to
> > format
> > > the text from HTML? The guy that contacted me is willing to help out
> > in the
> > > efforts of preparing the NET Bible HTML for a SWORD module.
> >
> > So, like I said, the NET is not very (libre) free and is not easily
> > downloaded from netbible.org.  That said, I have the text in a pair of
> > modules (a Bible for the text & a commentary for the notes) but don't
> > expect it to be posted publicly soon, if ever.
> >
> > --Chris
> I don't know what the state of the NET modules are, but this is worth 
> following up. Chris -- I don't know whether you want to do this, but 
> let me know if you don't
> regards --Will
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