[sword-devel] RSV module and my NA26-UBS3 module

Richard E Horlings richard at horlingshomerenovations.com
Thu Jul 1 10:35:20 MST 2004


I noticed that there are some problems with the versification in the RSV
module. In the psalm which include a heading, the heading is references and
verse 1, and verse 1 is named verse 2 and so on, which makes all the verses
one verse out. I have found this to be confusing when I am looking up verses
of Psalms in the RSV. Could this be fixed? I am not a programmer, but I
would be willing to correct these verses for Crosswire.

Furthermore, I have made a module of the Greek New Testament Nestle/Aland
26th ed./ UBS 3rd ed. from the text found at
http://unbound.biola.edu/zips/index.cfm?lang=English. I know that it is
copyrighted, but it is available for non-commercial  personal/scholarly and
educational use. I made this module by converting it so that I could use
vpl2mod. It is a very new edition which is very close to the popular
NA27/UBS4 text and it includes accents and diacritical marks, but does not
includes Strong's numbers or morphological analysis. It works very well and
I love it. Would anyone be interested in this?

Richard Horlings

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