[sword-devel] BHS to be replaced by WLC - beta version available

jbrooks at kinex.net jbrooks at kinex.net
Thu Jul 1 07:39:56 MST 2004

    Thanks for the work.  I've been frustrated at times with the BHS, and
I welcome the new addition!  I'm running version 1.5.6 on Win2K.  When
I tried to d/l this via Install Manager, it wouldn't let me - said it
required 1.5.7.  I pulled it manually via the link you supplied,
unzipped and installed.  Seems good.  Does it truly require 1.5.7?

> Hi all,
> I just uploaded the first beta version of our new module "Westminster
> Leningrad Codex" to the beta section. This is supposed to replace our very
> buggy BHS module soon.
> Please download, test and report all errors here. You can download with
> either
> the install manager or here:
> http://www.crosswire.org/sword/servlet/SwordMod.Verify?modName=WLCβ=true&pkgType=raw.
> Thanks go to Kirk Lowery from Westminster Institute for offering us the
> text
> and Chris Kimball for allowing me to modify his conversion tool.
> Martin
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