[sword-devel] Re: I am a developer

Derek Viljoen sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 07:24:35 -0500

Well, I've had an idea rolling round in my head for a couple of years
regarding a Scripture memorization system.  The problem is it requires
speech recognition technology, and while we could just use SAPI for a
windows port, there's nothing really up to speed on Linux (IBM seems to
have only half-hearted support for ViaVoice on Linux).  There are some
promising open source technologies (ISIP, etc.) but they are really

My idea stems from a pen and paper technique that I use to memorize
scripture.  You write the first letter of each word in a verse like

John 3:16
F G s l t w t H g H o b s t w s b i H w h e l

I typically do a whole chapter at a time with one verse per line.  Then
when I can read through it without problems, I fold over the paper and
cover up everything but the first letter of the first word in each verse
(this helps me with the transitions from verse to verse).  Eventually,
I've got the whole chapter memorized.

I want to computerize that process.  Just like the little apps you run
to "teach" a voice recognition system your voice, where it highlights
the words you say as you read through it.  I'd like to have the three
stages I just described (1- full text, 2- first letter of each word, 3-
first letter of each verse) and have it display the full words as you
say them.

I've really been wanting to build this thing, but haven't had the time. 
What do you think?


On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 06:57, Lynn Allan wrote:
> Hello Derek Viljoen,
> > I'm writing to offer (a little) help with the development process of
> GnomeSword.
> I saw your post to sword-develop, and thought I'd check if you would be
> interested in contributing to several projects I've been working on:
> LcdBible (potential "front-end" to sword-api)
> InVerse Scripture memorization freeware
> Sharing Bible
> The first two are Visual C++ MFC projects. The last is a Publisher document.
> For His glory and honor,
> Lynn Allan
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