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Subject: [sword-support] A Sword in the Chamorro Language: The Chamorro Bible
Date: Thursday 12 February 2004 02:15 pm
From: "Clarence L. Thomas IV" <clt4@compuserve.com>
To: "The SWORD Project, Crosswire Bible Society" <sword-support@crosswire.org>
Cc: "Editor, ChamorroBible.org" <editor@ChamorroBible.org>

Coordinators of The SWORD Project,

The 1908 Chamorro Bible, whose long title is

    Chamorro and English Scriptures: Y Cuatro Ebangelio Sija
    Yan Y Checho Y Apostoles Sija Gui Testamento Nuebo
    Y Señotta Yan Y Satbadotta Si Jesucristo Yan Y Salmo Sija,

is ready for free distribution and publication in The SWORD Project's
"vs" format.

The Bible has one Old Testament book (The Psalms) and five New Testament
books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts of the Apostles). The text
was converted from RTF to GBF; then with the help of GNU AWK was
converted to IMP. From there "imp2vs.exe" was successful used.
An "uilocales.d/ch.conf" and "locales.d/ch.conf" have been prepared,
which I expect will be updated in the future, as well as the required

The Chamorro language (language code "ch") is spoken, read, and
written in the US Territory of Guam and the Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands.  And with the anticpated distribution
with The SWORD Project, the Chamorro Bible will for the first time
in its history be part of a Bible Software package.

The story of this Bible is an interesting one and is documented at
<http://ChamorroBible.org> (see "Chamorro Bible Project", "Francis
Marion Price", "The Resurrection of the (1908) Chamorro Bible) and
at the Rlene "Live" Productions media site, http://RleneLive.com,
for additional articles and audio ("Audio Transcripts").  The Guam
based KUAM TV (http://KUAM.com) station recently ran another story
related to the Chamorro Bible and the Pacific Daily News recently
(http://www.GuamPDN.com) printed two stories. Search
<http://news.google.com>, as well as <http://google.com> for
"chamorro bible" with and without the quotes. (And no, the 1908
Chamorro Bible *was not* collected and burned as has been reported.
See the statement at ChamorroBible.org and the archived Rlene"Live"
Wednesday, February 11, 2004 talk show (K57, http://K57.com) at
RleneLive.com -> "Audio Archive".

The 1908 Chamorro Bible's present significance and importance in
Chamorro history was recently recognized by I Mina'Bente Siete Na
Liheslaturan Guåhan – The 27th Guam Legislature in the form of three
simultaneous full legislative session resolutions. This honor,
to my knowledge, is a first for any Bible in the history of the United
States. The Resolutions texts, with very important accompanying
Commentary, are at ChamorroBible.org; photos and audio of the offical
presentation at <RleneLive.com>.

In conclusion, here are a few questions:

1.  What files are needed and where does the Editor of ChamorroBible.org
(who is being CC'd and is solely responsible for the text) send them?

2.  Can they be placed on the Crosswire Bible Society's site today?

3.  Is there a way for the "chapter heading" for the Psalms to read
"Psalm 1" instead of "Chapter 1"?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.  Thanks.
Clarence Thomas IV
E-mail: clt4@compuserve.com

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