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Don Parris evangelinux at matheteuo.org
Fri Dec 31 15:45:56 MST 2004

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Subject: Re: [sword-devel] Developer Needs
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2004 13:07:32 -0700
From: Michael Riversong <mriversong at earthlink.net>
To: evangelinux at matheteuo.org,
	SWORD Developers' Collaboration Forum <sword-devel at crosswire.org>

Just so you folks know, I'm a very good documentation writer, and am
willing to help out where needed.

My development skills aren't all that useful.  I know just enough about
programming to translate the efforts of others into readable prose.

Also I am currently distributing a CD containing some Sword material and
a few other public license items.  This is going mainly to Christian
schools in the region and individuals who are in contact with me.  If a
better CD comes along, I will gladly distribute that.


I believe I remember something about your CD.  Perhaps you could e-mail me off-list.  Maybe we could collaborate to some extent.  You might also be interested in the Moodle project, aimed at distance learning projects - it's a Christian Mission's oriented project, but could be useful for Christian schools.

God bless,
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