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C. N. R. biblology at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 22 10:14:50 MST 2004

Dear List,
Mr. Little is right. Indeed, I have changed the versification scheme of the Romanian Orthodox Bible, to make it fit the KJV's verses' numbering. Actually, the KJV's versification system is the standard of the SWORD Project (this is not my fault). But I have always compared the Romanian text with the KJV's and ASV's texts, to make sure they were the same, and this was the hardest part of the work. Sometimes (to the Psalms), I had to paste together two verses, or make two verses from a single one. This was necessary because the Romanian Old Testament is a translation of a non-Masoretic version of the Septuagint. In the Romanian version, there are chapters longer or shorter with a number of verses, so the only way to make them fit the KJV's versification scheme is to compare the texts and modify the versification where necessary. I mention that I haven't altered the Romanian text at all: in fact the texts are the same, only the versification differs. For example, when a Psalm in the
 Romanian version has two or three verses less than the KJV, you must first compare the texts, then split the Romanian verses to the exact places where the verses in KJV are ending. Then you must renumber the verses. Inversely, when a Psalm in the Romanian version has more verses than the KJV, you should paste together certain verses in the Romanian text, according to the KJV's versification. It even happened that a Psalm ended in the Romanian version, in the middle of the KJV's corresponding Psalm, and the next Romanian Psalm was the sequel of the same Psalm in KJV. Therefore, I had to change even the Psalms' numbering, although on the whole, they were also 150. Unfortunately, this happened at the beginning, so almost all the Psalms have different numbers.
That's why, I find it hard to believe that a Romanian Orthodox module for SWORD could be built in keeping the original Romanian versification...
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
In His service,
C. N. R.

Chris Little <chrislit la crosswire.org> wrote:We will have our beta release of the Romanian Orthodox Bible some time 
in the next 1-3 weeks. And it will be available for testing when the 
beta module repository is put back online.

This module will vary considerably from C.N.R.'s release. While I 
appreciate the work he did, we cannot release material that has been 
modified to the extent his was. (Specifically, he had radically modified 
the versification of the Romanian Bible, to make it more like that of 
the KJV, which meant he combined/split/moved verses & chapters in ways 
that I would consider to make it not usable to someone expecting to work 
with a Bible using Orthodox versification.)


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