[sword-devel] Romanian Orthodox Module?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Dec 21 04:19:03 MST 2004

ingo7 wrote:
> Does it mean that versification schemes different than KJV will work
> under Sword? Like LXX?
> Will the Apocrypha be accessible? 

No (to all of these questions).

> And how could we help to publish polish Bibles (Biblia Gdanska:
> submitted twice) - should we apply original versification scheme (now it
> has been modified accroding to Bible.KJV)?

The problem is still that the beta area is not online (which will 
hopefully be fixed soon). Without the beta area, we cannot test. Without 
testing, we will not release.

If the test of the Biblia Gdanska that we were sent previously had 
modified versification, please resubmit with the original versification. 
The only alterations to source texts that we want are obvious 
corrections of errors (OCR errors, for example).

Sword still uses KJV versification, but we want the import tools to 
adjust the versification. This ensures that 1) we can re-import later if 
we discover errors in the import tool or when Sword can handle alternate 
versifications and 2) the location of any non-KJV verse will always be 
the previous valid KJV verse.

The problem with converting the versification system is that verses do 
not appear in the correct location to users who are actually familiar 
with that translation.


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