[sword-devel] New Module Submission Facility Plans

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Sat Dec 18 21:53:29 MST 2004

My apologies to all who have submitted modules recently.  We have been 
negligent getting around to adding modules.

After some discussion and planning I'd like to let you know about a new 
feature that we're hoping to implement very shortly after the 1.5.8 
release of our engine (which will hopefully happen during the holiday 

We're planning a User Module Submission Facility.

2 types of users would have to register in order to contribute to the 

1) module submitter
2) beta testers

A module submitter would be able to login and maintain their modules, 
and information about such, including copyright/publisher information 
and progress made for distribution rights of copyrighted material.

A module submission would be by uploading the raw import file, and 
choosing which tool will import the file into a sword module.  You'll be 
able to submit any scripts you used to create the import file from 
original source.  We'll also have an automated .conf create facility to 
help you generate an appropriate .conf file.

Beta testers may login and rate module submissions for quality.

All unregistered users would have access to the freely distributable 
module submissions and associated ratings and information, under an 
"as-is" clause.

Our hope is that this facility will help CrossWire more easily select 
highly rated module for quality and promote them to official status, and 
will enable quicker access of other modules to people willing to use 
them in their unfinished/tested state.

Any feedback now would be greatly appreciated, as we have about 2-3 
weeks before we'd start the implementation of the facility.

Again, thank you for your support and grace you've shown me and others 
here regarding this matter.


DArio Matos wrote:
> Post the express permission you've received, and
> upload the file to somewhere, so the staff can access
> it; I think sooner or later the Crosswire.org fellows
> will have the time to check it, and bublish it at
> their Homepage.
> May God bless you!
> Dario Matos
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>>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 11:12:05 +0100
>>From: "krisakombakom at mobilposta.hu"
>><krisakombakom at mobilposta.hu>
>>Subject: [sword-devel] new hungarian module
>>To: sword-devel at crosswire.org
>><60ea027142d0196c97ea49c9bf83a18c at smtp.pannongsm.hu>
>>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="ISO-8859-2"
>>I created a sword module for the Hungarian New
>>Translation Bible. I
>>contacted info at crosswire.org in order to publish it,
>>but no answer.
>>Do you have any idea whom should I contact?
>>ps: I received the permission from the Hungarian
>>Bible Society to publish
>>the module.
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