[sword-devel] Re: 14 Myanmar Bibles

Martin Gruner mg.pub at gmx.net
Mon Aug 23 04:10:29 MST 2004

Hi Levi,

that is good news!

What we need from you to include these modules in Sword is the OSIS-source 
texts. So basically all you have to do is to create valid (UTF8) OSIS from 
the source documents you have available. Then you send them to us, and we 
will import them to Sword and upload them to the website.

If you want to test them before, you have to use the tool osis2mod to import 
them to Sword (comes with the linux version of Sword). This creates a Sword 
module that you can test yourself.

Please keep us up to date! I'm so excited!


Am Mittwoch, 18. August 2004 19:28 schrieben Sie:
> Dear Martin,
> We want to start Myanmar Bibles 14 Language into the Sword Project. The
> text of 14 Myanmar Bibles are getting ready. Copy right permission was
> given to me by The Bible Society of Myanmar and United Bible Society for
> Southeast Asia. I have collected Myanmar Bible Informations since last
> year.
> We do not have anyone who understand software so we really need your
> guidence every steps. The only thing I know is OSIS.
> Can you please tell me for one Bible what is the first step we should do
> for the Sword?
> Would you mind to list them down so that we know we are not missing
> anything.
> Hope to hear from you soon.
> Levi
> www.fotb.com
> 1-816-767-8282

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