[sword-devel] Translation project? [Afrikaans]

l_d_allan at adelphia.net l_d_allan at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 13 09:26:55 MST 2004

> I'm new on this mailing list and I see on 
> the Sword web site that I must ask on this 
> list about the translation project.
> I'd like to translate the Sword GUI into 
> Afrikaans.  Where do I start?

> Thanks!
> Samuel Murray

Hello Samuel,

One alternative to consider ... translate the LcdBible user interface into Afrikaans. The main page is nearly trivial, and a quick translation of the other page for "Options" would suffice. Ideally, the Tutorial and Context Sensitive Help would be translated, but that could be an eventual task.

Afrikaans would be very suitable because there is a plain "raw" text Bible version available (not compressed). For an earlier Beta version of LcdBible, quick versions for Spanish, French, and German were prototyped in less than four hours (for all three). One of the objectives for the LcdBible gui was to be simple enough to make internationalization practical.

There is a link to LcdBible on the main page of The Crosswire Society (about half way down):

Here is a screenshot of the very similar BerBible which lets you observe what would be involved. The names of the Bible books are obtainable from The SWORD Project (Genesis, Exodus, etc), so the main page only involves figuring out the correct Afrikaans words for "Books", "Search", "Options" and "Help". The Options page is more involved, but certainly a task more likely to require hours/days rather than weeks/months.

For His glory and honor,
Lynn Allan

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