[sword-devel] Config files and CVS

Will Thimbleby will at thimbleby.net
Thu Aug 12 15:13:14 MST 2004


Does anyone know the state of switching to utf-8 for the config files? 
I've just got a copy of a Chinese config file -- from the nice guy who 
translated MacSword into Chinese. It obviously needs utf-8 but the 
system doesn't seem to support it.

On another note I was profiling the start-up of MacSword and the 
localemgr loadConfigDir takes up about half of that time (and it's 
quite slow on my computer ~5secs). Anyone got any ideas for speeding 
this up? Might it be possible to only load the conf files as they are 
needed, I suspect like most people I load up the directory and choose a 
locale then never change it.

I'm not averse to getting my hands dirty but there's a lot of code that 
I don't understand.

Also what did happen to CVS? I thought I heard something about 
subversion but I might have made that up. I'd like to upload the 
Chinese locale file.

cheers --Will

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