[sword-devel] WEB update request; OSIS encoding problems

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Aug 11 14:14:10 MST 2004

Kahunapule Michael P. Johnson wrote:

> Why is <q> a higher standard than a quotation mark? What if both were
> used?

<q> is a higher standard because it is the one required by OSIS.

> <milestone type="x-noteStartAnchor" /> doesn't really have an exact
> equivalent, although there is a computationally more difficult way to
> specify the same kind of thing.

Yes, arguably more difficult to encode, but it does exist.

> If there is a "standard" encoding for <w type="x-plural">, I missed
> it. What is it?

Something like <w morph="x-WEB:plural">

> What are the "standard" ways of encoding different levels of poetry
> lines? The World English Bible uses 2 levels (type="x-primary" and
> type="x-secondary"), but some translations use 3 levels, usually
> rendered as three levels of hanging indent. These levels cannot be
> reliably inferred by counting from the beginning of the line group.

There is a level attribute on <l>.


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