[sword-devel] WEB update request

David Blue (Mailing List addy) davidslists at gmx.net
Tue Aug 10 22:45:58 MST 2004

On Wednesday 11 August 2004 01:13 am, Chris Little wrote:
> We won't be publishing any additional GBF modules, ever. 

I personally take some issue with this statement. Not with it's content but 
with it's attitude. It just seems far too...mean spirited and condemning for 
my tastes. It says to me that if I as a module creator, do not understand the 
intricacies of XML or OSIS or have some sort of time constraint placed on the 
publication that don't have time to encode my document as OSIS that my module 
is not worth publication in sword because of how it is formatted regardless 
of how useful the module is to fellow believers. 

As I said in another email...off list or on sword-support I believe, I am 
personally willing to write full support for GBF. Just because we don't like 
how it works doesn't mean we should just write it off as something that is 
beneath us. No one gave me the memo that we were supposed to be limiting 
choices around here.

And I do apologize for the tone of this email, but this is something that's 
bugged me for a while.

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