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DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 07:44:10 MST 2004

The goal of JSword is to provide a platform independent implementation
of Sword and a platform independent UI for it. It should run on any 
machine that has Java 1.4.

We have worked hard on reducing the size of the JSword distribution.
It is now at 2M, down from 9M. We will be releasing it as 0.9.8 fairly
soon. (There are a few bugs to fix and a couple of small features to add).

It can also be distributed via Java WebStart, so the storage size on
Christian Linux Live would be less than 1K.

The size of Java 1.4 JRE is 1.2M. My opinion is that Java belongs on
everyone's machine.

For a comparison, BibleTime for KDE 3.0 is 1.6M and GnomeSword is 1.4M.
I am not sure what the overhead for KDE or Gnome is, but I bet it is not
insignificant. I'm not sure but I think Gnome is built on top of GTK.

As to GTK+, it is 3.4M for Windows as released for Gaim and other 
windows distributions are as big as 6.7M. I could not find its size for 
Linux as it is has many library dependencies. This may or may not be a 
part of a particular Linux distribution. All told the total size of GTK 
and its required libraries will be significant.

Anyway the point of all this is that JSword will have a relatively small 

Davy Mitchell wrote:
> I would be very interested in a version of Sword for Linux that does not 
> need Gnome/KDE. I was thinking about a GTK interface.
> I am working on a Christian Linux Live CD 
> (http://www.latedecember.com/)  and a console based app would be great. 
> The Distro will be a remaster of DSL which is only 50M so I want to keep 
> it small! jSword is another candidate but including Java, it is too big 
> for the default install though I'll probably have it as an option.
> Is the previous attempt at the console version usable?
> Thanks,
> Davy
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