[sword-devel] WEB update request

Kahunapule Michael P. Johnson Kahunapule at mpj.cx
Mon Aug 9 18:46:47 MST 2004

At 17:43 09-08-04, chrislit at crosswire.org wrote:
>I'm working on it.  I started working on it last week, but it takes time 
>to add those <q> elements and fix other OSIS non-conformance issues.

The best way to fix those issues is to change the OSIS standard and change your reader, in my opinion. Second best might be to write an automated converter to change the OSIS files I produce to "conforming" OSIS. If you can't do that, then you prove my point about the OSIS standard being defective.

Apparently, I was wasting my time to try to support OSIS.

>In the future, I'll probably maintain the same OSIS document and do 
>updates by producing diffs from the GBF version on which it is based.

That sounds like a lot of unnecessary work to me. Why not just read the GBF directly?

>On Sun, 8 Aug 2004, Kahunapule Michael P. Johnson wrote:
>> I'm getting a couple of comments on the WEB translation about grammar 
>> problems & such that have already been corrected from people who got the 
>> World English Bible from the Crosswire Bible society. It would help me 
>> if you would update from the WEB web site (http://eBible.org/web/) from 
>> time to time while editing is still in progress. The biggest changes are 
>> in the Old Testament, but sometimes we find a better way to say 
>> something or correct a typo in the New Testament, as well. Take your 
>> pick of GBF or OSIS formats. :-)
>> Michael
>> http://kahunapule.org

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