[sword-devel] console cf LCD bible

Daniel Glassey danglassey at ntlworld.com
Mon Aug 9 15:20:53 MST 2004

On 9 Aug 2004, at 22:16, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:

> Thanks Daniel,
> 	I noticed at the first link you gave, for ncurses, that it lists 
> cygwin.  What's the status of deploying a binary built with cygwin?  
> Is there a large framework that needs to acoompany the .exe?

Afair just the cygwin dll is needed, and probably the ncurses dll as 
well. You just need to rest to have a decent build environment. Cygwin 
is win9x onwards so non-DOS.

afair PDCurses uses a subset of the curses API that ncurses uses. So if 
someone were to develop it for PDCurses then it should work on ncurses 
as well for the platforms that support it.

btw I should have said this is thoughts rather than interest ;) (I 
didn't get anything done last time I looked at it so I don't expect to 
this time, though I would also be happy to try it out and test it a 

Just a thought, if you are there Lynn, would you be interested in 
looking at this as an even lower common denominator app?


> On Mon, 9 Aug 2004, Daniel Glassey wrote:
>> On 9 Aug 2004, at 20:52, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>>> Been using centericq for console IM while at work, and really am 
>>> surprised at how useful it is.
>>> A while back we had an effort, Ireneus, which aimed to be a console 
>>> SWORD client.  It never made it to 1.0, IIRC.
>> fwiw it was http://sourceforge.net/projects/irenaeus
>>> Is there any interest in designing and writing a new console-based 
>>> SWORD client?
>>> I would like it to work on DOS, as well.  Don't know if ncurses 
>>> would allow us to do that, or not.
>> ncurses wouldn't
>> http://dickey.his.com/ncurses/ncurses.faq.html#what_platforms
>> but pdcurses would
>> http://pdcurses.sourceforge.net/

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