[sword-devel] OSIS WEB TOOL - Print?

Tom Pollard sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 18:58:24 -0400


Thanks for taking the trouble to respond.

You wrote:
> Another option may be to do like a friend of mine did on his 
> re-design. View
> any of the articles at: http://www.thywordistruth.net/
> He just gives a blurb, instead of a link, that says to print the page 
> as you
> normally would and the formatting will take care of itself.
> There are several other options. Maybe we could have a little printer
> graphic, like those normally associated with the "Click here for a 
> printer
> friendly version" but instead have the text read "This page is printer
> friendly." Something like: http://elbourne.org/css/3columns.html 
> Perhaps
> only showing up on pages that are in fact suitable for printing.

I agree that either of these approaches are acceptable and satisfy my 
main concern.    On the other hand, I think many people would probably 
still like being able to get a page that made it clear just what would 
be printed. The result of printing an article from your friend's site 
is quite different from the page that appears in the browser.

> Whatever we decide on, my vote would be not to have the "Print" as a 
> tab in
> the main navigation of the site.

No argument about that.  I'd expect at most a little printer icon or 
small-font link near the top of the text to be printed.

Yours in Christ,