[sword-devel] OSIS WEB TOOL - Print?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 27 Sep 2003 15:01:00 -0700

I have to agree with Tom here.  If we want to attach the print CSS to 
the page so that it looks differently when printed from the on-screen 
presentation, that's fine, but we should retain the printer-friendly 
link.  In other words, I think we should have screen and printer 
versions that we present to the user on the screen but both versions 
should generate the same appearance when sent to the printer.

The lack of awareness of these features of CSS among people on this list 
is proof enough that this is needed.


Tom Pollard wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm usually just listening on this mail list, but as a future user of 
> the web tool,
> I think having a 'print' button to bring up a printer-friendly version 
> of the page is a very good idea.  If a site using frames doesn't have 
> such a button, I've become reluctant to try printing it at all, because 
> the results are so often horrible.  And, although I may not exactly 
> understand the significance of using a special 'print' stylesheet, if it 
> means that the printed page doesn't look like what's on the screen, 
> people won't be as happy with this as with a "give-me-a-printable-page" 
> button.
> Just my 2p.  I'll fade back into the underbrush again now...
> Tom Pollard
> On Saturday, September 27, 2003, at 10:14 AM, Don A. Elbourne Jr. wrote:
>> You can do that with a print style sheet. I have one with the mock-up 
>> I was
>> working on:
>> http://elbourne.org/css/3columns02.html
>> Print that page straight from your browser and see how it looks.
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