[sword-devel] GBF tag <FN>...<Fn>

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 17 Sep 2003 19:25:18 -0700

For frontends using RTF (namely the Windows frontend), the only font 
that is supported in the current release is Symbol.  I've just added 
support for Courier, but don't expect it to appear in a released version 
for at least a few months.

The more important issue is that you should not be using a monospaced 
font to make a table.  You should use table markup.

You should also not be using GBF, because we won't be supporting it in 
the future.  Any module submitted in a format other than OSIS means a 
lot of work for me because it means I have to convert it to OSIS.  OSIS 
can do what you need better anyway.


Gerhard van Niekerk wrote:

> In the module making tutorial the section on mark-up states the GBF tag
> <FN> is supported. Is the correct? I can't seem to get it to work. I
> want to use it to create a table using a fixed width font. This is how I
> use it:
> <FNCourier>Symbol      Name       Century       Contents   Kind of
> Text<Fn>
> I made a Commentry module out of "A Student's Guide to New Testament
> Textual Variants" at http://bible.ovc.edu/terry/tc/index.htm and been
> using it for a while and though it is time to give it to all the other
> sword users. Before I do I wanted to fix everything up. Any assistance
> will be appreciated.