[sword-devel] curiosity

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 02 Sep 2003 21:23:55 -0700


> Thanks for the reply.  I gave the site a look.  Is the code browseable 
> anywhere online, or is that considered a security risk?  I visited the 
> CVS web interface at SourceForge and looked around a bit.  Is that just 
> for the engine?

The CVS stuff at SourceForge is just a mirror of CVS that we maintain 
ourselves on crosswire.org.  There is a CVS module (on crosswire.org) 
called swordweb that contains all of the interface stuff.  The backend 
is, of course, part of the main sword CVS module.

> I know very little about CORBA other than that SOAP is a smaller, 
> slower, XML-based attempt to do a similar thing.  Does the web site use 
> the C++ SWORD engine?  Was the SOAP stuff killed or did it just die off 
> on its own?

Yes, the web interface uses the C++ version of SWORD.  Troy and I each 
did our own implementations of SOAP interfaces, but I think they were 
mostly novelties, done because SOAP was a big thing at the time.  CORBA 
definitely serves our purposes better and since there wasn't anyone 
using the SOAP interfaces, they haven't been developed further.  They're 
still floating around in the source tree though.

> Btw, I hope that graphics offer didn't sound over-eager; I just meant 
> I'd be happy to pitch in if there was work to be done that the graphics 
> gurus would trust an amateur with.

No, no.  We wouldn't complain about eagerness.  It's just that some of 
the volunteer tasks weren't really supposed to be posted and we've had a 
number of offers to do tasks that none of us were aware needed to be done.