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I've been following this thread, but I don't remember -- has anyone
suggested writing a regular Visual Basic program to automate Word? It's
not too difficult to convert VBA code to VB. The VB runtime comes with
newer versions of Windows. However, older versions would require the
runtime to be installed along with the executable.

It should be possible to write it against an older version of Word and
still be compatible with the newer versions. I don't think the macro
setting would affect an external program, but I don't know for sure.

Steve Trandahl

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Just another note about using the macros and VBA. The latest versions of
97 with sp/2000 with sp/XP all have macros disabled by default. 

After looking at the instructions, there is no reference as to how the
user would enable macros. The instructions list the way to select enable
macros if prompted. The newer security patches and software does not
even prompt you, but disables macros completely, where there are no
prompts without manual intervention. Also the enabling of the macros
will also pose a security risk and potential virus threat to those using
the macro. This in turn could cause much more harm then good, especially
if the end-user is not careful. 

I have attached the vba code for the various macros as a text file. I
have tried it on a P4 XPsp1 system running Office XP SP2 and the macros
do not run. The runtime errors that I get I think are do to the
difference in vba global objects in the version I have. I have not tried
them on another version of windows or office as of yet. The version of
vba I am running is 6.4.8869. I did also note that office XP is not a
part of the "versions" that could be used. Another item not listed is
Microsoft works which uses word from xp.

I can understand where the end-user would become frustrated with the
various processes to complete and then troubleshoot.

I still believe that the simplest path would be to use an alternative to

Any thoughts?

Lester Nichols
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