[sword-devel] CBuilderX project for newbies: ReadOneRawUncompressedBbeVerse.zip

Lynn Allan sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 27 Nov 2003 12:30:10 -0700

I've uploaded a sample CBuilderX project that may be useful to CBuilderX and
Sword-Api newbies.

It is located at:

Feedback appreciated :-)

Briefly, it attempts to read Matt 5:3 from the BBE translation ("Blessed are
the poor in spirit ..."). If it works, CBuilderX was probably installed
correctly. Also, it has very simplified logic that hopefully illustrates to
a newbie how "versification" using the canon.h file works. Like VerseKey and
RawVerse, it does "raw" lseek and read from nt and nt.vss to actually fetch
the specified verse.

The code is verbosely commented (doxoygen 1.3.x style), and unnaturally long
variable names are used to convey their purpose.  It has no dependence on
*ANY* sword code. BibleCS does not have to have been installed. The .zip
file includes a small subset of the BBE nt file (only through the Beatitudes
of Matthew 5 to keep the zip file to under 50kb)

* Demonstrate CBuilderX wias installed properly
* Facilitate debugger step-thru to start getting up to speed on how
sword-api works

* This is intended to be the first of several newbie CBuilderX projects, to
perhaps include:
   - use of actual Sword-Api to read compressed and uncompressed text
   - use module texts from installed BibleCS
* The BBE translation was chosen because if has very few embedded tags.
* I'm *VERY* impressed with CBuilderX